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Moved all stuff to Google Code

November 23, 2008

After some hassle I finally got my own SVN repository at Google Code. Slowly I will be migrating all my stuff there and say goodbye to free filehosting. Hopefully Google Code won’t fail me.

Also, I decided to rewrite most of my MASM source here in C++, since most of you guys aren’t assembly freak like me 😛 and probably C++ is much easier to code than assembly too. (Side note: C/C++ pointer is very much different from assembly and that, have seriously confused me at times. :/)

My SVN repository is available here. Feel free to look around and leave comments here.


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One Comment
  1. Hello,

    is there any chance to contact you ? (email) I have problem with olly, and I need experts help 😦 (freezing always)

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