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MAC Address spoofer

August 3, 2007

A brief introduction to MAC address. Its the address your network adapter used to communicate with the router, a layer deeper before IP address. It actually tells the router which network adapter to direct the traffic to, so MAC address is also known as physical address.

The last 3 bytes of MAC address represents Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI), aka manufacturer of your network card. Let us take MAC address “00-08-74-4C-7F-1D” as an example, the “00-08-74” is the OUI of Dell Computer Corp, therefore we can safely imply your PC is a also a Dell.

MAC address is hard-coded within your network adapter, because it is supposed to be constant and not to be changed. But there is a reason why would you override it, just because you can. 😉

Its pretty much a registry hack, and might not work for some cases. This program is written in VB6 with source code included. It demonstrates how to reset the network adapter using your own code, in which requires access to COM objects that doesnt support IDispatch interface such as INetConnectionManager. It also demonstrates how to retrieve the MAC address through GetAdaptersInfo() API.



  1. unlmtd permalink

    =( Your link is dead.

  2. File hosting is moving all the files to new server, so temporary the link is broken. Retry some time later.

  3. thanks for the hack you gave

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