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MSPro is detected by GameGuard rev 1004 through … hotkey

May 4, 2007

Sometime ago somebody told me MSPro is detected and I put it to test yesterday. Yeah, MSPro gets detected by GameGuard rev 1004 (MapleSEA). Guess what?  MSPro runs fine in-game until I press F10 to activate auto-attack. Poof, I got disconnected. I went back into game with auto-attack still on, my cute little sin kept waving his arm hitting the air. I pressed F10 to turn off auto-attack. This time I get BSOD, aka instant reboot.

So what it means?

  • GameGuard is detecting MSPro’s hotkey instead of MSPro itself.
  • MSPro’s key input simulating method still works.

I will release another version to cope with this issue, … hopefully soon. Final exam is at the end of the horizon.


From → MapleStory

  1. anonymous permalink

    please be fast!! i like mspro… hate mzbot…

  2. Beta 6 is already out, though I forgot to rename the title so it remains as “MSPro v4 Beta 5”. Look around Cheat Engine forum.

  3. thaicoures3 permalink

    Hey opcode, can I post this (beta 6 along with other MSPro stuff) at

  4. Sure. But be warned, it is still buggy and I dont want people starting to flood my blog with nags. The word “beta” is there for a reason.
    When you post it on MPC, dont post link to my blog.

  5. Saboor permalink

    How come it stays idle when i go in MS? Is it cuz i have vista?

  6. what about a overlay that hooks after you press a hotkey it should dash around gg then

  7. sarf2k4 permalink

    is this mspro can be used in maplesea? I tried before and its stays idle status. tried mspro v3 last year using xp version 3, worked but other version wont work.

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