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MSPro v4 Beta 5

April 16, 2007

Something to start my blog with. 😉 This thing is made months ago, and overwhelming loads of coursework kept me from further updating it. Anyway, I made this much like a POC of my new idea on simulating key strokes, so dont nag about lack of features.

So what about it?

Currently it has the most common botting functions, auto-clicker, auto-loot, auto-attack and auto-pot, and it (supposed to) works on all versions of MapleStory. Feel free to comment anything here if you have questions, ideas or found a bug (!).

Behind the scene

  • Simulating Inputs

It doesnt use any driver! No SendInput() or whatsoever. 😉 The idea is simple, inject a DLL into MapleStory.exe and then directly invoke the MapleStory’s WndProc(). So how are we going to find the WndProc(), read on.

  • Code Signature (aka Array of Bytes)

Again another simple idea, I made a simple pattern finder to find the address of codes, very much similar to AV engine. I did the same thing to all other codes, therefore MSPro is version-independent, since it is able to find the addresses each time it is loaded. (see for source code)

Current Issues

  • The auto-clicker crashes MapleStory !

Trying to figure out a fix for this… Since WndProc() is invoked from a different thread, overwhelming torrents of WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK message might cause reenterency problem and corrupt MapleStory. So, use AC with care.

  • Auto-pot spams pot on my char !

Your PC is probably lagging. MSPro keeps potting until your HP is more than the alarm level. If you lag when MSPro is potting, your HP value is not updated and MSPro keeps potting thinking your HP is dangerously low. So it “spams” pot.


MSPro v4 Beta 5


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  1. DoomsDay permalink

    About the pot spamming – You could add a (bigger) delay.

    Do you want to keep it private for that matter, or you’re going to release it soon?

  2. Nope, I dont intend to keep this private. Perhaps I will release it when MSPro is stable and bug-free.

    Thanks for your suggestion. Hopefully I have the time to fix the pot spamming issue. 😉

  3. Polipode permalink

    is there a problem in the link to download “Mspro v4 Beta 5” or is my internet?

  4. Sorry dude, I removed it. 😛 It is detected now. See my latest post.

  5. Polipode permalink

    lol. well its ok,I hope to see your new Mspro soon.
    i’ll try to work with Mzbot2.dll xD

  6. bobbetter permalink

    if i use auto pot + auto attack + auto loot and go minimized, maple closes a short while after with a error that says something along the lines of -5 error or 5 error or something like that? it only happens when i use auto pot. if i just use auto attack and auto loot it doesnt give me that error

  7. bobbetter permalink

    sorry for double post..

    i think im using beta v6 o_o

  8. The requested URL /files/2007/3/27/65350/ was not found on this server.

    Can you upload it somewhere else?

  9. Updated. Sorry for the broken link.

  10. bobbetter permalink

    =[ duude ms pro is detected by gameguard now =[!!

  11. where can i get v4 i cant find it any place

  12. ok i read the above post but is thier any way to replace game gaurd kindof like a few of the old gunz hack programs did

  13. chris permalink

    Hey opcode. I love the mspro system and im wondering when is the new one going to be realesed??

  14. peter permalink

    yea i was hoping u would release a new version of mspro >.<

  15. Auto clicker T_T permalink

    Does this one Really works still or is there a a working one right now? can you please send it to me at thxs =D

  16. hao permalink

    plz send the the latest veri of that ac to me if u ahve thx!!! =X

  17. I have some troubles when compiling your source for MsProv3… and I was making a bot of my own in VB… can you please help me out? I do not know how to get the hotkeys or the bot for that matter to work inside maplestory.

    email me please…

    I will give you the source if you need it.

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